Crispy The Suicide Club
24 mei 2019 22:00
The Suicide Club
HipHop, RnB, Afro
'It's been a long time we shouldn't have left you...'

That's right! We're back and this time we'll take you higher than ever before. At the 8th floor of the The Suicide Club we serve you the best view, tasty drinks and of course your Crispy sound.

Crispy takes you on a musically trip where you hear your favourite r&b and hiphop gems mixed with some afro, funk, uncharted baile flips and edits.

Host: Josimar Gomes

You'll find The Suicide Club on the 8th floor of Het Groothandelsgebouw (right next to Rotterdam CS).
On the right of Café Engels you'll see the main entrance of Het Groothandelsgebouw. Walk inside and head towards the courtyard where you'll find the entrance of the club.
Tera Kòrá
Yung Winky
Don Mayor & Jmac