Earproof Rockit Earplugs
Earproof Rockit: Taking down the volume without taking down the fun!
6 friends, 6 beers, 12 protected ears. Earproof is giving away 6 x 6-packs of Rockit earplugs with keychain holder.

No more ears buzzin’ from last night’s clubbin’? We proudly present to you our Dutch designed Rockit earplugs, a proven success on festivals and in clubs. Has an acoustically tested filter with a 15-dBattenuation. Just taking the volume down a slight notch. A universal fit of 99% for all users. Made of comfortable memory foam. Just plug ‘em in and go. And because of its reusability, it is the perfect alternativeto the disposable and polluting one-time-use earplug! Say goodbye to sore ears and pollution!

Step up your game now and be safe!