97972 MUSST Lustrum Party Sportsblender
22 mei 2019 22:00
Complex Maastricht
We are happy to announce you that we are going to celebrate our lustrum year with a big party in Complex on Wednesday, May 22!

It is going to be an amazing night with as theme: SportsBlender!!
With this theme you can fully enjoy yourself to dress up like an athlete from a different sport! So, for example, if you are a rugby player but you always wanted to know how it feels like to be dressed as a cheerleader, this is your chance!

Also, this is the evening where you can become the best male or female student sports athlete of Maastricht in 2019. Or to become the most active Student Sports Association of Maastricht! Real elections, how exciting! (more information about the elections will follow soon)

+/- 8 euros SSA Members
+/- 10 euros non-SSA Members
There will be an online ticket sale, more information will follow soon!

We have all the ingredients for an amazing night.

So, Wednesday 22th of May 2019, SAVE THE DATE!